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Rights Initiative is an independent non-governmental organization advancing economic and social rights.

Human Rights are non-negotiable entitlements of every human being. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects economic, social, cultural and civil and political rights. Rights include, for example, the right to health, the right to education and freedom of expression. States are responsible to protect and finance human rights. They have committed to take steps, to progressively achieve the full realization of human rights by all appropriate means. And yet, they provide insufficient resources to meet their economic and social rights obligations. To achieve human rights for all, it is essential to substantially increase investment in public services. Enhancing public finance is a means to advancing human rights.

Our mission is to uncover the political economy of human rights and increase the resources of civil society activists in the global South to advocate for economic and social rights.

We trial innovative shift-the-power ways of working. We are inspired by people who stand up for their rights. Together we shape rights-based narratives to increase public finance for the realization economic and social rights. For more information, to receive updates or support us taking action, feel free to contact: info@rightsinitiative.org.

Rights Initiative